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Hand Wrapped Custom Smoke Cleansing Feathers

Hand Wrapped Custom Smoke Cleansing Feathers


Have you heard about smoke cleansing?

It has been used by almost every culture in some way shape or form! Lavender, rosemary etc can be burned to set intentions in a space, clear its energy, or welcome ancestral energy!

All feathers and collected from the bush, and hand wrapped by myself!

*these are not for Smudging! Unless you have been taught about the Sacred Indigenous Ceremony of Smudging (from a learned community member given permission by elders to teach it), raised in the culture or you yourself are Indigenous- you are smoke cleansing!

Please refrain from the use of white sage purchased from anyone other than an indigenous seller as it’s assured that it’s harvested ethically- wild white sage is endangered due to poaching because of main stream media telling everyone they can “Smudge”.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

  • Storage

    Wrap and store away from animals and children

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