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Hi everyone! I’m Kristy and I'm the Owner and Creator of Intuitive Me! I’m a 31 year old Algonquin (“unregistered” Kitigan Zibi First Nations through my mom ) Greek/Irish/German 2 Spirited person. (She/they), and an Eclectic Pagan Witch. I'm a homeschooling mom to my 5 year old daughter, with a wonderfully supportive partner. 

We're currently based in Guelph, Ont, but I'm originally from the Ottawa Valley (Arnprior) and dying to move back!

I’ve always had a connection to nature, history and all things spiritual! So naturally I felt a pull to share my interests with the public and therefore find those with common interests as well! 

As an intuitive tarot and energy reader I enjoy helping others and aiding in guidance and messages from loved ones or guides. I’m also currently studying astrology, reading auras (only good with animals atm), palmistry and runes! Always expanding my knowledge and range! I share nothing in my shop that I haven’t worked with personally and had some benefit/success with! 

I started Intuitive Me in early 2020 but it has really been in the works my whole life. I have a passion for history, folklore and for  helping others on their spiritual journey in any way I can! All our products are ethically sourced, all natural, homegrown and hand made with the utmost care to ensure that you’re only getting the energy and intention you desire! 

I truly enjoy sharing my lifestyle and path with you all! 

Thank you for all the love and support! 


Chi Miigwech! 


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